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Air Operated Mobile Grease Filling System


Air Operated Mobile Grease Filling System Overview

Introducing the KPN-Br series of air-operated mobile grease filling systems, designed for effortless and efficient greasing of machine parts. Available in three versatile models—KPN-Br-25, KPN-Br-50, and KPN-Br-200—these systems cater to a variety of industrial needs, ensuring high-performance lubrication with precision and ease. Whether you operate in auto servicing, manufacturing, or heavy machinery maintenance, our grease systems provide reliable, continuous service that enhances machine longevity and efficiency.

Key Features

High-Capacity Reservoirs

  • Model KPN-Br-25: Perfect for small to medium setups, this model includes a 25 Kg reservoir.
  • Model KPN-Br-50: Doubling the capacity, this 50 Kg model suits busier environments where frequent refilling is not feasible.
  • Model KPN-Br-200: Our largest model, with a 200 Kg reservoir, is ideal for extensive industrial operations, minimizing downtime with its substantial capacity.

Efficient Grease Discharge

All models deliver a consistent output of 300-400 grams per minute, making them incredibly efficient and reducing time spent on maintenance tasks.

Maximum Pressure for Optimal Performance

  • Models KPN-Br-25 and KPN-Br-50: These models work at a maximum pressure of 125 Kg/Cm², powerful enough to handle most industrial greasing tasks.
  • Model KPN-Br-200: Steps up the game with a maximum pressure of 150 Kg/Cm², supported by an air input pressure of 5-kg/Cm², for even the most demanding greasing requirements.

Enhanced Mobility and Convenience

Each model in the KPN-Br series comes trolley-mounted, making them mobile and easy to maneuver around the workspace. This mobility is a boon for workshops and factories, allowing the grease system to be moved directly to the machinery in need of servicing, without the hassle of transporting heavy equipment.

Built to Last

Constructed with robust materials, the KPN-Br grease filling systems are built for durability. The inclusion of a pressure plate or dead weight in all models prevents air gaps, ensuring a smooth and continuous flow of grease. This feature not only improves the efficiency of the greasing process but also significantly extends the life of the machine parts.

Safety and Operational Ease

Each unit comes equipped with a high-quality rubber hose and a professional-grade grease gun, enhancing safety and ease of use. These tools allow for precise application, minimizing waste and preventing over-lubrication.


The KPN-Br series air-operated mobile grease filling systems are a stellar choice for businesses looking to streamline and enhance their maintenance routines. With models tailored to different operational scales, robust construction, and user-friendly designs, these systems are an invaluable asset in maintaining equipment efficiency and longevity. Embrace the KPN-Br series to ensure your machinery operates smoothly, with minimal downtime and optimal performance.




Model Reservoir Cap Discharge Max. Pressure
KPN-Br-25 25 Kg 300-400 gms/minute 125 Kg/Cm²,with Rubber hose,Grease gun & Trolley mounted
KPN-Br-50 50 Kg 300-400 gms/minute 125 Kg/Cm²,with Rubber hose,Grease gun & Trolley mounted
KPN-Br-200 200 Kg 300-400 gms/minute 150 Kg/Cm² Air input pressur(5-kg/Cm²),with Rubber hose,Grease gun & Trolley mounted