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FESTO Brand Cantilever axis ELCC


Lightweight and Rigid Design

Introducing the FESTO Brand Cantilever Axis ELCC, a remarkable solution engineered for high-speed, high-precision applications across various industries. This cantilever axis stands out due to its innovative design, offering both lightweight and exceptional rigidity, making it ideal for a broad range of positioning tasks with long strokes.

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

The ELCC series excels in dynamic applications, capable of handling loads up to 100 kg with minimal oscillation. This results in cycle times that are up to 30% shorter, significantly boosting productivity. Its unique design principle, featuring a toothed belt drive with a recirculating ball bearing guide, ensures smooth and efficient operation even under high-speed and high-acceleration conditions.

Key Features

High Speeds and Acceleration

Designed for rapid and precise movements, the ELCC can handle high-speed applications with ease. Its fixed drive head contributes to a very low moving mass, enhancing the overall speed and responsiveness of the system.

High Rigidity

Thanks to its innovative design, the ELCC boasts high rigidity, making it capable of performing tasks with great accuracy and stability. This is particularly beneficial in applications requiring precise positioning and minimal deflection.

Versatility in Load Handling

With the ability to move high loads of up to 100 kg vertically, the ELCC is versatile enough to be used in a variety of heavy-duty applications. It can also accommodate long strokes of up to 2 meters, expanding its range of uses.

Applications Across Multiple Industries

The FESTO Cantilever Axis ELCC is suitable for a wide array of industries, including:

  • Automotive Industry: Enhancing production line efficiency with fast and accurate component handling.
  • Battery Production: Facilitating the precise assembly and handling of battery components.
  • Biotech, Pharma, and Cosmetics: Ensuring hygienic and precise handling of sensitive products.
  • Chemical Industry: Handling and positioning chemicals with high accuracy and safety.
  • Electromobility: Supporting the assembly and production of electric vehicles.
  • Electronics Industry: Enabling fast and precise positioning of electronic components.
  • Food and Packaging: Streamlining packaging processes with fast and reliable operations.
  • Intralogistics: Improving warehouse efficiency through quick and accurate material handling.
  • Semiconductor Industry: Providing precise movements for semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Textile Industry: Enhancing textile production with efficient handling and positioning.

Multifunctional Capabilities

The ELCC is equipped to perform a variety of functions, making it an essential tool for automation and manufacturing processes. Its capabilities include:

  • Aligning, centring, and positioning
  • Charging and discharging
  • Conveying materials
  • Feeding and gripping components
  • Moving along tracks or contours
  • Pick and place operations
  • Selecting and sorting items
  • Stacking and suction tasks
  • Warehousing and storing


The FESTO Brand Cantilever Axis ELCC is a dynamic and versatile solution designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing and automation. Its lightweight, rigid design, coupled with high-speed capabilities and multifunctional applications, makes it an indispensable asset across various industries. Whether for palletizing, packaging, or precise positioning tasks, the ELCC delivers exceptional performance and efficiency, setting a new standard in industrial automation.

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