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Festo Brand ISO cylinder DSBC-32-50-PPVA-N3


Discover the unparalleled performance of the Festo Brand ISO Cylinder DSBC-32-50-PPVA-N3, a pinnacle of engineering excellence. Designed for robust industrial applications, this double-acting cylinder is a versatile and reliable component in your pneumatic systems.

Key Features

Mode of Operation: Double-Acting

The DSBC-32-50-PPVA-N3 operates on a double-acting principle, ensuring smooth and efficient movement in both directions. This functionality is crucial for applications requiring precise and repeatable motion control.

Piston Diameter: 32 mm

With a piston diameter of 32 mm, this cylinder delivers the perfect balance between compact design and powerful performance. It’s ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, providing optimal force and efficiency.

Theoretical Force at 6 Bar, Advancing: 483 N

At 6 bar pressure, the cylinder generates an impressive advancing force of 483 N. This substantial force makes it suitable for tasks demanding significant power and reliability.

Stroke: 50 mm

The DSBC-32-50-PPVA-N3 features a 50 mm stroke length, providing ample movement for various industrial processes. This stroke length ensures flexibility and adaptability in different operational scenarios.

Cushioning: Pneumatic Cushioning, Adjustable at Both Ends

Equipped with pneumatic cushioning adjustable at both ends, this cylinder offers enhanced control over its motion. The adjustable cushioning allows for smoother operation, reducing wear and tear and extending the cylinder’s lifespan.


The Festo DSBC-32-50-PPVA-N3 ISO Cylinder is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Automation systems
  • Material handling
  • Assembly lines
  • Robotics
  • Packaging machinery

Why Choose Murali Pneumatics?

As an authorized dealer of Festo Pneumatics, Murali Pneumatics in Coimbatore ensures you receive genuine products and exceptional customer service. With extensive industry experience and expertise, Murali Pneumatics is your trusted partner for all your pneumatic needs.


What is the operating principle of the Festo DSBC-32-50-PPVA-N3?

The cylinder operates on a double-acting principle, which allows it to move in both directions using pneumatic pressure.

What is the theoretical force generated by this cylinder at 6 bar pressure?

At 6 bar pressure, the cylinder generates an advancing force of 483 N.

Can the cushioning be adjusted?

Yes, the pneumatic cushioning on the DSBC-32-50-PPVA-N3 is adjustable at both ends, providing smoother and controlled operation.

Where can I purchase the Festo DSBC-32-50-PPVA-N3?

You can purchase this cylinder from Murali Pneumatics, an authorized Festo Pneumatics dealer located in Coimbatore.

What are the primary applications of this cylinder?

This cylinder is ideal for automation systems, material handling, assembly lines, robotics, and packaging machinery, among other industrial applications.

Experience the reliability and efficiency of the Festo Brand ISO Cylinder DSBC-32-50-PPVA-N3 by choosing Murali Pneumatics as your supplier. Enhance your pneumatic systems with this high-quality component designed to meet the demands of modern industrial applications.

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