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Festo Brand Pneumatic Plastic Tubing PUN-12X2-BL-200


Experience reliability and versatility with the Festo Pneumatic Plastic Tubing PUN-12X2-BL-200. This high-quality tubing is meticulously crafted for optimal performance in various pneumatic applications. It pairs seamlessly with QS plug connectors, CN, and CK polyurethane fittings, offering a robust solution for your pneumatic needs.

Product Specifications

Material: Durable polyurethane construction
Outer Diameter: 12 mm
Inner Diameter: 8 mm
Operating Pressure: -0.95 to 10 bar (temperature dependent)
Ambient Temperature Range: -35 to 60 °C

Key Features

Precision and Compatibility

Designed for precise operations, this tubing ensures a snug fit with QS plug connectors and CN/CK polyurethane fittings. Its standard outer diameter of 12 mm and inner diameter of 8 mm makes it ideal for a range of pneumatic applications. However, it is important to note that this product is not approved for use in the food industry.

Temperature and Pressure Tolerance

With an impressive operating pressure range from -0.95 to 10 bar, the PUN-12X2-BL-200 can handle various pneumatic demands. Its temperature tolerance from -35 to 60 °C makes it suitable for both cold and moderately warm environments, ensuring stability and performance in diverse conditions.

Durable and Flexible

The polyurethane material provides a balance of durability and flexibility, making this tubing resistant to kinks and abrasion. It maintains consistent performance even under fluctuating temperatures and pressures, enhancing the longevity of your pneumatic systems.


Industrial Automation: Ideal for use in pneumatic systems for machinery and automation.

Manufacturing: Suitable for air distribution in various manufacturing processes.

General Pneumatics: Versatile enough for general pneumatic applications requiring reliable tubing.


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