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Festo Brand Pressure Sensor SPAN-P10R-M5F-PNLK-PNVBA-L1


Discover Precision with the Festo SPAN-P10R-M5F-PNLK-PNVBA-L1 Pressure Sensor

Unveiling Superior Pressure Sensing Technology

Step into the realm of precise pressure measurement with the Festo SPAN-P10R-M5F-PNLK-PNVBA-L1 Pressure Sensor. This advanced sensor is engineered to provide accurate readings across various applications, ensuring reliability and performance.

Key Features:

  • Pressure Measuring Range: From a starting value of 0 bar to a maximum of 10 bar, the SPAN-P10R-M5F-PNLK-PNVBA-L1 covers a wide range of pressure requirements with precision.
  • Switching Element Function: Enjoy flexibility with a switchable N/C (Normally Closed) or N/O (Normally Open) contact, adapting to diverse operational needs effortlessly.
  • Pneumatic Connection: Equipped with a female thread M5 connection, facilitating seamless integration into pneumatic systems without compromise.
  • Analog Output Options: Offering versatile output options including 0 – 10 V, 4 – 20 mA, and 1 – 5 V, ensuring compatibility with various control systems and devices.

Designed for Performance and Reliability

Ideal for industrial and automation environments, the Festo SPAN-P10R-M5F-PNLK-PNVBA-L1 sets a new standard in pressure sensing technology. Whether you’re monitoring processes, controlling pressures, or ensuring safety limits, this sensor delivers consistent accuracy and durability.


  • Industrial Automation: Perfect for use in automated systems where precise pressure monitoring is critical for operational efficiency.
  • Process Control: Essential for maintaining optimal pressure levels in manufacturing and production processes.
  • Safety Systems: Reliable in safety-critical applications where accurate pressure sensing ensures operational safety.


Embrace innovation and reliability with the Festo SPAN-P10R-M5F-PNLK-PNVBA-L1 Pressure Sensor. Engineered with precision and designed for versatility, it’s the choice for professionals seeking uncompromising performance in pressure measurement technology.