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Festo Brand Push-In Fitting QSL-G1/2-12


Versatile 360° L-Fitting for Pneumatic Systems

Discover the flexibility and durability of the Festo Brand Push-In Fitting QSL-G1/2-12. This innovative fitting is designed to offer seamless integration into various pneumatic systems, providing a 360° orientation with a male thread and external hexagon. Its L-shaped design allows for versatile connections, making it ideal for tight spaces and complex layouts.

Durable and Reliable Construction

Crafted with high-quality materials, this push-in fitting is built to last. With a temperature-dependent operating pressure range of -0.95 to 14 bar and an ambient temperature tolerance of -10 to 80 °C, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. The robust construction ensures that it can handle intense pressure without compromising performance.

Compatible with Standard Tubing

The Festo QSL-G1/2-12 is designed to accommodate tubing with a 12 mm outside diameter, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of pneumatic setups. Its male thread G1/2 connection at port 1 and push-in tubing connection at port 2 make installation quick and easy, reducing downtime and streamlining your workflow.

Seamless Installation and Adjustability

Thanks to its 360° orientable design, this fitting offers maximum flexibility in alignment, allowing you to adjust it to the perfect position without disassembling the system. The external hexagon provides a secure grip for easy tightening, ensuring a leak-proof connection every time.

Trusted Authorized Dealer

Buy your Festo Brand Push-In Fitting QSL-G1/2-12 from Murali Pneumatics in Coimbatore, a trusted and authorized dealer of Festo products. With a reputation for quality and excellent customer service, Murali Pneumatics is your go-to source for pneumatic components and expert advice.

Ideal for Industrial Applications

Whether you’re setting up a new pneumatic system or upgrading existing equipment, this push-in fitting is a versatile and reliable choice. Its durable construction, wide temperature and pressure range, and 360° adjustability make it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Get the performance you need with the Festo QSL-G1/2-12.


push-in L-fitting

360° orientable, male thread with external hexagon.

Pneumatic connection, port 1 Male thread G1/2
Pneumatic connection, port 2 For tubing outside diameter 12 mm
Temperature dependent operating pressure -0.95 … 14 bar
Ambient temperature -10 … 80 °C
Nominal size 10.3 mm