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Festo Brand Solenoid Valve VUVS-L25-P53E-MZD-G14-F8


Meet Your New Go-To: The Festo VUVS-L25 Solenoid Valve

Ever found yourself deep in a project, needing that perfect piece to tie everything together? That’s where the Festo VUVS-L25-P53E-MZD-G14-F8 Solenoid Valve comes into play. This isn’t just any solenoid valve; it’s the silent hero in the background ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Built to Perform: With a valve function of 5/3 exhausted, it’s like having the flexibility of an acrobat at the heart of your pneumatic systems. Whether you’re diverting, blocking, or mixing flows, this valve’s got your back, making it a true jack-of-all-trades.

Flow Like a River: When we say it has a standard nominal flow rate of 1000 l/min, we’re talking about a powerhouse. Imagine a river flowing through your system, only controlled, precise, and exactly where you need it. That’s the kind of flow we’re talking about.

Connect with Ease: The G1/4 pneumatic connection at port 1 means you’re not fiddling around trying to make things fit. It’s like the perfect handshake – firm, reliable, and no awkwardness.

Electrical Wizardry: The type of actuation is electrical, which means you’re in control. A flick of a switch, a push of a button, and you’re commanding the flow like a conductor with their orchestra.

So, whether you’re in the thick of an industrial symphony or crafting the delicate balance of a bespoke project, the Festo VUVS-L25-P53E-MZD-G14-F8 is the solenoid valve that not only meets expectations but exceeds them. Ready to take your projects to the next level?


solenoid valve

Valve function 5/3 exhausted
Standard nominal flow rate 1000 l/min
Pneumatic connection, port 1 G1/4
Type of actuation electrical