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FESTO Brand Spindle Axis EGC-HD-BS


Heavy-Duty Precision and Performance


The FESTO Brand Spindle Axis EGC-HD-BS is engineered for exceptional performance, offering unparalleled load-bearing capacity, speed, and precision. Designed with a robust construction and advanced features, this heavy-duty version surpasses the standard EGC-BS spindle axis, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications in machine tools and automation.

Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty Design: The EGC-HD-BS is crafted with a new heavy-duty design that supports maximum loads and torques. It ensures high feed forces and speeds, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your operations.
  • Integrated Ball Screw: This spindle axis incorporates an integrated ball screw, combining high precision with flexible spindle pitches for versatile application.
  • DUO Guide Rail: Equipped with a precise and resilient DUO guide rail, the EGC-HD-BS can handle lateral loads up to 900 Nm, ensuring stability and accuracy.
  • Spindle Support: The optional spindle support allows for maximum travel speed across all stroke lengths, optimizing performance.

Performance and Applications

  • High Repeat Accuracy: The EGC-HD-BS is designed for high repeat accuracy, making it suitable for tasks that require consistent precision.
  • Maximum Loads and Torques: With its ability to handle maximum loads and torques, this spindle axis is perfect for heavy-duty applications.
  • Speed and Precision: Achieve higher speeds and precision with the advanced design of the EGC-HD-BS, enhancing your overall productivity.

Ideal Use Cases

  • Basic Axis for Linear Gantries and Cantilever Axes: The EGC-HD-BS serves as an excellent basic axis for linear gantries and cantilever axes, providing a strong foundation for various automation setups.
  • Machine Tools: Perfectly suited for the machine tool industry, this spindle axis excels in charging and discharging functions, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Technical Highlights

  • Rigid, Closed Profile: The flat unit with a rigid, closed profile offers robust performance and long service life.
  • High Load Capacity: The precision DUO guide rail can withstand high loads, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: A wide range of options for mounting on drives ensures compatibility with different setups.
  • Space-Saving Position Sensing: The profile slot allows for space-saving position sensing with a proximity switch, adding to the versatility of the EGC-HD-BS.
  • Excellent Price/Performance Ratio: In addition to its impressive technical specifications, the EGC-HD-BS offers an outstanding price/performance ratio, making it a cost-effective choice for high-performance requirements.


The FESTO Brand Spindle Axis EGC-HD-BS is a top-tier solution for applications requiring high load-bearing capacity, precision, and speed. Its robust design, integrated features, and flexible mounting options make it a reliable and efficient choice for enhancing the performance of machine tools and automation systems. Whether used as a basic axis for linear gantries or in demanding machine tool operations, the EGC-HD-BS delivers exceptional results, ensuring long-term value and productivity.

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