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FESTO Brand Spindle axis ELGC-BS


Compact Efficiency at Its Best

The FESTO Brand Spindle Axis ELGC-BS is a game-changer for industries requiring precision and efficiency in limited spaces. This reasonably priced axis family is engineered to deliver incredibly compact dimensions, maximizing your installation space without compromising on performance. Ideal for small parts handling, desktop applications, and a variety of other uses, the ELGC-BS is a versatile addition to any automation system.

Advanced Engineering and Precision

Internal Guide and Ball Screw Drive

At the heart of the ELGC-BS lies its sophisticated internal guide and ball screw drive. This combination ensures superior guide precision, enabling smooth and accurate movements essential for tasks demanding high accuracy.

Space-Saving Position Sensing

The ELGC-BS features innovative space-saving position sensing, which enhances the overall efficiency of the system. This design not only conserves valuable installation space but also maintains high operational reliability and precision.

Flexible Motor Mounting

Flexibility is key in automation, and the ELGC-BS doesn’t fall short. It offers flexible motor mounting options, allowing for seamless integration into existing systems and easy customization to meet specific application needs.

Scalable Modular System

The ELGC-BS is part of a scalable modular system, which includes toothed belt axes, spindle axes, and mini slides. This modularity ensures that you can tailor your automation setup to your exact requirements, whether you’re working with compact spaces or larger, more complex systems.

Ideal for Various Industries

Biotech, Pharma, and Cosmetics

Precision and reliability are crucial in these industries. The ELGC-BS ensures accurate positioning and handling, making it perfect for applications like dosing, filling, and pipetting.

Electronics Industry

From pick and place to sorting, the ELGC-BS offers the precision needed to handle delicate electronic components efficiently and safely.

Food and Packaging

In food and packaging, hygiene and accuracy are paramount. The ELGC-BS meets these needs, providing reliable performance in dosing, filling, and conveying applications.

Laboratory Automation and Life Science

For tasks like identifying, tracking, and warehousing/storing, the ELGC-BS provides the consistency and precision required in laboratory and life science environments.

Semiconductor Industry

Handling delicate and valuable semiconductor components demands a high degree of precision. The ELGC-BS excels in this area, making it a reliable choice for semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Versatile Functions

The FESTO Brand Spindle Axis ELGC-BS is designed to perform a wide range of functions essential for modern automation, including:

  • Aligning/Centring/Positioning: Ensures precise alignment and positioning for various tasks.
  • Charging/Discharging: Efficiently manages the loading and unloading processes.
  • Conveying: Smooth and reliable transportation of components.
  • Dosing/Filling: Accurate measurement and dispensing of materials.
  • Feeding: Automated feeding of parts and materials.
  • Gripping: Securely holds components for various applications.
  • Identifying/Tracking: Reliable identification and tracking of items.
  • Opening/Closing/Shutting Off: Automated control of gates, doors, and valves.
  • Pick and Place: Efficiently picks and places items in production lines.
  • Pipetting and Dispensing: Precise liquid handling for laboratory tasks.
  • Rotating/Swivelling: Controlled rotational movements.
  • Sorting: Efficient sorting of components.
  • Warehousing/Storing: Reliable storage and retrieval of items.

Recommended for Lithium-Ion Battery Production

For those in the lithium-ion battery production sector, the ELGC-BS variants are highly recommended. Their precision and reliability make them ideal for the delicate processes involved in battery manufacturing, ensuring high-quality production and efficiency.


The FESTO Brand Spindle Axis ELGC-BS stands out as a versatile, precise, and compact solution for a wide range of industries and applications. Its advanced engineering, scalable modular system, and flexibility make it an invaluable asset for modern automation needs. Whether in biotech, electronics, food and packaging, or laboratory automation, the ELGC-BS delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

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