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FESTO Brand Spindle axis ELGT-BS


The FESTO Brand Spindle Axis ELGT-BS is a cutting-edge solution designed for high-efficiency and cost-effective operations. Its robust features make it an ideal choice for various demanding applications, particularly in the electronics and automotive industries.

Key Features

Compact and Low-Cost Design

The ELGT-BS spindle axis is engineered to offer exceptional performance while maintaining a compact footprint. This makes it suitable for installations where space is at a premium, ensuring an optimal ratio between installation space and working space.

Integrated Double Guide

The spindle axis incorporates an integrated double guide, providing enhanced resilience and rigidity. This feature is crucial for 2D and 3D cantilever systems, particularly in the electronics industry and desktop applications.

Ball Screw Drive

Equipped with a ball screw drive, the ELGT-BS ensures precise and smooth linear motion. This attribute is essential for applications requiring high accuracy and repeatability.

Simple Motor Integration

FESTO has designed the ELGT-BS with user convenience in mind, offering simple integration of motors through mounting kits. This feature reduces setup time and enhances compatibility with various motor types.

Optimized for Industry Applications

Electronics and Automotive Industries

The spindle axis is tailored for the rigorous demands of the electronics and automotive industries. Its design optimizes performance in battery production, making it an invaluable asset in this growing sector.

Functional Capabilities


The ELGT-BS is well-suited for operations involving charging and discharging, providing reliable performance in these critical processes.

Controlling and Regulating Media

Its precision and robustness make it ideal for tasks that involve controlling and regulating media, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

Gripping and Pick and Place

The double-acting guide and ball screw drive enhance its gripping and pick-and-place capabilities, making it perfect for automated handling systems.

Testing, Monitoring, and Measuring

With its high precision, the spindle axis excels in testing, monitoring, and measuring applications, delivering accurate and dependable results.

Industries Served

Automotive Industry

The ELGT-BS spindle axis supports various applications in the automotive industry, from assembly lines to quality control processes, ensuring efficiency and precision.

Battery Production

Its optimized design and robust performance make it particularly suited for the battery production industry, handling the specific requirements of this sector with ease.


The FESTO Brand Spindle Axis ELGT-BS is a versatile and reliable solution for various industrial applications. Its compact design, integrated double guide, and ease of motor integration make it an excellent choice for enhancing productivity and precision in the electronics and automotive industries.

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