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Festo Brand Standards Based Cylinder DSBC-32-20-D3-PPVA-N3


Introducing the Festo Brand Standards-Based Cylinder DSBC-32-20-D3-PPVA-N3

Efficiency Redefined:
Step into the realm of precision and reliability with the Festo Brand Standards-Based Cylinder DSBC-32-20-D3-PPVA-N3. Crafted with cutting-edge engineering, this cylinder sets a new benchmark in performance and durability.

Adjustable Cushioning for Seamless Operation:
Equipped with adjustable cushioning at both ends, this cylinder ensures smooth and controlled motion in every application. Say goodbye to abrupt stops and hello to seamless transitions, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Double-Acting for Versatile Functionality:
Designed for versatility, the DSBC-32-20-D3-PPVA-N3 operates in a double-acting mode, providing equal force and precision in both directions. Whether it’s pushing, pulling, or holding, this cylinder delivers consistent performance every time.

Optimized Piston Diameter:
With a piston diameter of 32mm, this cylinder strikes the perfect balance between power and agility. Experience optimal force distribution for your specific application needs, enhancing productivity and performance.

Unrivaled Force at Your Fingertips:
Experience the raw power of the DSBC-32-20-D3-PPVA-N3 with a theoretical force of 483N at 6 bar during the advance stroke. Tackle challenging tasks with ease, knowing you have the force you need to get the job done.

Precise Stroke Control:
Achieve precision with every movement, thanks to the 20mm stroke length of this cylinder. Whether it’s fine-tuning delicate processes or executing robust actions, enjoy unmatched control and accuracy.

Innovative PPV Cushioning:
Featuring pneumatic cushioning adjustable at both ends (PPVA), this cylinder prioritizes operator safety and equipment protection. Minimize impact and noise, while maximizing efficiency and longevity with this innovative cushioning technology.

Elevate your operations to new heights with the Festo Brand Standards-Based Cylinder DSBC-32-20-D3-PPVA-N3. Engineered to exceed expectations, it’s more than just a cylinder—it’s a game-changer.



standards-based cylinder

With adjustable cushioning at both ends.

Mode of operation double-acting
Piston diameter 32 mm
Theoretical force at 6 bar, advance stroke 483 N
Stroke 20 mm
Cushioning PPV: Pneumatic cushioning adjustable at both ends