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Festo Brand Standards Based Cylinder DSNU-10-40-P-A


Introducing the Festo Brand Standards Based Cylinder DSNU-10-40-P-A

Overview: Elevate your pneumatic systems to unparalleled efficiency with the Festo Brand Standards Based Cylinder DSNU-10-40-P-A. Designed in accordance with DIN ISO 6432, this cylinder is engineered to deliver optimal performance and reliability in various industrial applications, particularly those requiring proximity sensing.

Key Features:

Mode of Operation – Double-Acting: Benefit from the versatility of double-acting operation, ensuring precise control and enhanced functionality in both directions.

Piston Diameter – 10 mm: With a compact yet robust design, the piston diameter of 10 mm ensures seamless integration into diverse pneumatic setups without compromising on power or efficiency.

Theoretical Force at 6 bar, Advance Stroke – 47.1 N: Experience impressive force output at 6 bar, providing the muscle needed to tackle demanding tasks with ease, resulting in smooth and efficient operation.

Stroke – 40 mm: The generous 40 mm stroke offers ample movement, allowing for versatile application across a wide range of pneumatic systems, enhancing flexibility and adaptability.

Cushioning P – Flexible Cushioning Rings/Plates at Both Ends: Enjoy enhanced operational safety and longevity with flexible cushioning rings/plates strategically placed at both ends, providing reliable protection against impact and ensuring smooth deceleration.

Mounting Options: Choose from a variety of mounting options tailored to suit your specific needs, whether with or without additional mounting components, enabling seamless integration into existing setups or custom configurations.

Applications: Ideal for a multitude of industrial applications, including but not limited to automation, packaging, assembly lines, and robotics, where precision, durability, and performance are paramount.

Upgrade your pneumatic systems today with the Festo Brand Standards Based Cylinder DSNU-10-40-P-A, setting new standards in efficiency, reliability, and performance.


DSNU standards based cylinder

Based on DIN ISO 6432, for proximity sensing. Various mounting options, with or without additional mounting components. With elastic cushioning rings in the end positions.

Mode of operation double-acting
Piston diameter 10 mm
Theoretical force at 6 bar, advance stroke 47.1 N
Stroke 40 mm
Cushioning P: Flexible cushioning rings/plates at both ends

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DSNU standards based cylinder