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Festo Brand Standards Based Cylinder DSNU DSNU-16-15-P-A


Meet the Game-Changer: DSNU Standard Cylinder 🔩

Crafted for Precision: Built on the rock-solid DIN ISO 6432 standards, this cylinder is your go-to for seamless proximity sensing. With a variety of mounting options, you can choose to go minimalist or add extra components for a custom fit.

Double the Power, Double the Action: This double-acting dynamo packs a punch with a 16 mm piston diameter. Whether you’re pushing forward or pulling back, expect a smooth 120.6 N force at 6 bar during the advance stroke.

Flexibility Meets Durability: It’s all about the smooth landings with our elastic cushioning rings snug at both ends. Say goodbye to jarring stops and hello to seamless operations with every 15 mm of the stroke.

Whether you’re upgrading your machinery or building from scratch, this cylinder is designed to keep things moving smoothly, without the fuss. Let’s make efficiency the standard. 🚀


DSNU standards based cylinder

Based on DIN ISO 6432, for proximity sensing. Various mounting options, with or without additional mounting components. With elastic cushioning rings in the end positions.

Mode of operation – double-acting
Piston diameter – 16 mm
Theoretical force at 6 bar, advance stroke 120.6 N
Stroke – 15 mm
Cushioning P: Flexible cushioning rings/plates at both ends

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DSNU standards based cylinder