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Festo Brand Toothed Belt Axis EGC-HD-TB


The FESTO Toothed Belt Axis EGC-HD-TB is engineered for heavy-duty industrial applications, providing exceptional load-bearing capacity, high dynamic response, and speed. This advanced version surpasses the standard EGC-TB model, making it the ideal choice for industries requiring robust performance and reliability.

Key Features

Heavy-Duty Guide

Equipped with a heavy-duty guide, the EGC-HD-TB offers unparalleled stability and support for large loads and long strokes. This feature ensures consistent performance and durability, even in demanding environments.

High Speed and Acceleration

Designed for high speeds and rapid acceleration, the EGC-HD-TB meets the rigorous demands of modern industrial applications. Its efficient toothed belt drive system enables quick and precise movements, enhancing overall productivity.

High Load and Torque Capacity

The EGC-HD-TB excels in handling high loads and torques, delivering impressive feed forces. This capability makes it suitable for tasks that require substantial power and precision, ensuring reliable operation under heavy stress.

Precise and Resilient DUO Guide Rail

The inclusion of a precise and resilient DUO guide rail enhances the axis’s accuracy and longevity. This feature guarantees smooth and consistent motion, maintaining the integrity of your operations over extended periods.

Versatile Motor Mounting

The motor can be conveniently mounted on four sides of the EGC-HD-TB, offering flexibility and ease of integration into various setups. This adaptability ensures seamless incorporation into your existing systems.

Maximum Lateral Load Capacity

With the ability to handle lateral loads up to 900 Nm, the EGC-HD-TB is built to withstand significant side forces. This feature broadens its application range, making it suitable for diverse industrial needs.

Industrial Applications

Biotech, Pharma, and Cosmetics

In biotech, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, precision and reliability are paramount. The EGC-HD-TB’s robust design and high accuracy ensure consistent performance, supporting delicate and critical processes.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry demands equipment that can handle harsh conditions and substantial loads. The EGC-HD-TB meets these requirements, providing durable and reliable service in challenging environments.

Electronics Industry

Precision and speed are essential in the electronics industry. The EGC-HD-TB offers high dynamic response and accuracy, making it ideal for tasks that require meticulous handling and swift operation.

Food and Packaging

In food and packaging, hygiene and efficiency are critical. The EGC-HD-TB’s robust construction and high-speed capabilities ensure effective and reliable performance, streamlining production processes.


For intralogistics applications, the EGC-HD-TB provides the necessary speed and load capacity to handle various materials efficiently. Its adaptability and high performance enhance logistical operations.

Machine Tools

Machine tool applications benefit from the EGC-HD-TB’s precision and strength. Its ability to handle high loads and torques ensures reliable and accurate performance in machining processes.

Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry requires precise and consistent motion control. The EGC-HD-TB delivers the accuracy and resilience needed for delicate semiconductor manufacturing tasks.

Textile Industry

In the textile industry, the EGC-HD-TB supports high-speed operations and heavy-duty tasks, ensuring smooth and efficient production processes.


The FESTO Toothed Belt Axis EGC-HD-TB is a versatile and powerful solution for various industrial applications. Its combination of high load capacity, speed, and precision makes it an indispensable component for industries demanding robust and reliable performance.