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FESTO Brand Toothed belt axis unit ELGS-TB


The FESTO Brand Toothed Belt Axis Unit ELGS-TB is a dynamic, cost-effective solution for simple moving and positioning tasks. Designed for applications that require reliable and efficient linear movements, this unit is an ideal choice for industries such as electronics, food and packaging, and intralogistics. As part of FESTO’s Simplified Motion Series, the ELGS-TB offers ease of configuration and quick commissioning without the need for additional software.

Key Features

Complete Solution

The ELGS-TB unit comes as a complete package, including drive mechanics, motor, and servo drive. This integration ensures seamless operation and reduces the complexity of setup, making it perfect for compact and cost-effective implementations.

Dynamic Performance

The unit is equipped with a slide that features a resilient toothed belt and a recirculating ball bearing guide. This combination provides dynamic XY movements, making the ELGS-TB suitable for tasks such as shifting and lifting with precision and reliability.

Robust Design

The internal guide of the ELGS-TB unit protects the mechanism from external influences, enhancing its durability and longevity. This protection ensures consistent performance even in challenging industrial environments.

Simplified Motion Series Benefits

As a member of the Simplified Motion Series, the ELGS-TB does not require an external servo drive or control cabinet for installation. This simplifies the setup process and reduces the overall system footprint, making it an efficient and practical solution for various applications.

Integrated Control Options

The ELGS-TB unit includes two control options as standard: digital I/O and IO-Link. These options provide flexibility and ease of integration into existing systems, ensuring smooth operation and control.


Electronics Industry

The ELGS-TB is ideal for the electronics industry, where precise and efficient linear movements are essential for assembly and manufacturing processes. Its dynamic performance and robust design make it a reliable choice for these high-demand applications.

Food and Packaging

In the food and packaging industry, the ELGS-TB unit excels in tasks such as conveying and positioning products. Its protected internal guide and easy configuration ensure hygiene and efficiency in these environments.


For intralogistics applications, the ELGS-TB provides a dependable solution for conveying and handling tasks. Its dynamic movements and integrated control options enhance operational efficiency and streamline material handling processes.


The FESTO Brand Toothed Belt Axis Unit ELGS-TB is a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of industrial applications. With its complete integration, dynamic performance, robust design, and simplified configuration, it stands out as a reliable choice for industries requiring precise and cost-effective linear movements. Whether in electronics, food and packaging, or intralogistics, the ELGS-TB delivers outstanding performance and ease of use, making it an essential component in modern automated systems.

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