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KML Series Automatic Lubrication System with Motorised Oil Pump


Automated Efficiency: KML Series Automatic Lubrication System with Motorised Oil Pump

Streamline Lubrication with Precision and Control

The KML Series Automatic Lubrication System from KRS takes the guesswork out of machine maintenance. This innovative system boasts a motorised oil pump, electronically controlled by timers or controllers, to deliver a precise and automated lubrication schedule.

Key Features:

  • Automated Operation: Eliminate manual lubrication tasks. The KML Series functions on a set schedule, ensuring consistent and reliable lubrication for your machinery.
  • Positive Displacement Pump: The rotary pump, coupled with a motor, guarantees a consistent flow of oil at the desired pressure.
  • Precise Control: Electronic timers or controllers allow for customizable lubrication intervals, ensuring optimal performance for your specific equipment needs.

Built-in Safeguards for Unmatched Reliability

The KML Series prioritizes system integrity and operator safety. Several features are incorporated to ensure smooth operation:

  • Pressure Relief Valve: Protects the system from pressure surges.
  • Bleed Valve: Allows for easy system purging and air removal.
  • Pressure Switches: Monitor system pressure and trigger alarms or system shutdowns if outside the set parameters.
  • Float Switches: Maintain oil reservoir levels, preventing pump operation when oil is low.

Additional Monitoring and Maintenance Features:

For enhanced system visibility and simplified maintenance, the KML Series includes:

  • Oil Level Gauges: Provide a clear indication of oil reservoir levels.
  • Pressure Gauge: Monitors real-time system pressure.
  • Oil Filler with Air Breather: Enables easy oil refilling while preventing contamination.
  • Suction Strainer: Filters out impurities from the oil, protecting the pump and downstream components.

KMLG Series: Geared for Grease Applications

KRS also offers the KMLG Series pump, specifically designed for grease lubrication. This variation ensures compatibility with various lubricant types, catering to a wider range of industrial applications.

Invest in Automated Efficiency with the KML Series

With its automated operation, precise control, and built-in safeguards, the KML Series Automatic Lubrication System with Motorised Oil Pump is an investment in long-term equipment health and optimal machine performance. Contact KRS today to discuss your specific lubrication requirements and explore how the KML Series can revolutionize your maintenance processes.



Model Reservoir Cap
KMLS-03 3 Litres
KMLU-03 3 Litres