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Oil Pulse Wrenches IAP-24


Powerful Double Chamber Air motor
The double chamber air motor delivers higher torque than conventional single chamber air motor. This offers higher power to weight ratio leading to superior and economic performance.

Fast and Accurate tightening
Accuracy is crucial, in case of hard and soft joints, the same are tightened accurately. Thus providing high product quality on your lines. Since the Accura Pulse Tools have a wide torque range, each tool can be adjusted for many applications.

Ease of Torque Adjustment
Torque can be easily set by Allen key without dismantling the tool.



** Tool Specifications to be read as Anvil Drive Hex. (Q.C.)
# Torque and RPM ratings available @ 5Kg/Cm2

  • Check joint conditions while selecting Pulse Tools.
  • Rated working pressure will give optimum results.
  • Select most suitable model.
  • Use correct size of Hoses and Couplers.
  • Use Impact Sockets only.
  • Clean Dry Air will further enhance the life of Pulse Tools.