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Pneumatic Operated Oil Pump



KRS has designed and manufactured PNEUMATIC GREASE PUMP is meant for automatic feeding of grease to bearing and other moving part the machines as for Textile machine. Packing machine Furnaces, Bleeding machine, Rolling mill Presses and Hammer Rubber Processing machines Agriculture and Construction Machines Earth moving Machines.


. Pump Housing 2. Mounting L-Bracket 3. Reservoir 4. Seal Holder 5. Top Cover 6. Tell Tale Rod 7. Knob 8. Pneumatic Cylinder 9. Flow Adjusting Assy. 10. Grease Filling Port-1/411. Bleed Plug

Pneumatic Grease pump is operated by humail power or lie ced to the port of cylinder The cylinder is bat in with the pup During ON Period of pneumatic, piston inside The cylinder is pushed, ejects out pressurized grease from the out port of the pump body. During reverse ow of pneumatic fine grease is s ed through the suction port in the pump spring force through lower plate exerted on the top grade of grease make the suction of the grease positive and easier
01.Reservoir mounted on pump body to store grease

02.A tell tale rod is connected for sensing grease
03.A Check valve is fitted on the outlet port for avoiding reverse low grease
04.Adjusting screw is provided to vary grease discharge
05.Bleed valve is applied to remove pocket.
To distribute the grease in yanous lubrication points progressive bodo metered valve ane used By progressive blocks lubricants are distributed to various Lubrication points in sequence one another progressive Blocks are three orient type Master Bois Primary Bock and Secondary Book which can be added as per requirements Grease in can also be divided by metered valve Every time when pump operated these valves ejecut predetermined amount of grease When pressure is released the valve gets charged.