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Festo Brand ISO cylinder DSBC-32-40-PPVA-N3


The Ultimate Choice for Reliability and Performance

Lightweight with Long Service Life

Experience the perfect blend of durability and lightweight design with the Festo Brand ISO Cylinder DSBC-32-40-PPVA-N3. Engineered for long service life, this cylinder ensures consistent performance over time, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

Convenient One-Side Access

All connections and settings are accessible from one side, simplifying installation and maintenance. No more fumbling around trying to find the right spot – everything you need is conveniently within reach.

Superior Cushioning Options

  • Elastic Cushioning Component P: Optional feature providing cushioning with a rubber ring in the end position.
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Cushioning PPV: Standard cushioning that can be finely tuned using an adjusting screw for precise performance.
  • Self-Adjusting Pneumatic Cushioning PPS: Automatically adjusts via vent slots on the cushioning boss, making it easy to install with no need for manual adjustments.

Perfect Cushioning, Effortless Installation

With the PPS self-adjusting cushioning, you get perfect cushioning without the hassle of manual adjustments. This feature is especially useful when using multiple cylinders, ensuring tamper-proof and efficient operation with minimal installation time.

Adaptable and Versatile

The DSBC-32-40-PPVA-N3 is adaptable to various applications, offering individual adjustments to meet specific needs. It is available in multiple cushioning types (P, PPV, and PPS) to suit different requirements.

Wide Temperature Resistance and Hygiene Options

Designed to perform in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +150°C, this cylinder is built to withstand harsh environments. For applications requiring high hygiene standards, the food-safe (DSBF) or grease-free operation options are available.

Enhanced Protection and Dynamic Movements

Equipped with a hard scraper and bellows, the cylinder is well-protected against contamination, ensuring reliable operation even in dirty environments. Variants are available for uniform, slow movement, catering to specific motion requirements.

Modular Piston Rod Variants

The modular series system offers a wide range of piston rod variants, providing flexibility and customization for your specific application needs.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Festo Brand ISO Cylinder DSBC-32-40-PPVA-N3 from Murali Pneumatics, an authorized dealer located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. They offer genuine products along with expert advice and support for all your pneumatic tool needs.

Whether you need reliable cushioning, easy installation, or adaptability to various applications, the Festo DSBC-32-40-PPVA-N3 cylinder delivers unmatched performance and convenience.

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